Review about Fiverr

A Great Review About Fiverr. . .

What is Fiver

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace for freelancers. Here seller creates a gig with specific service and if anyone needs that kind of service he buy that gig. The main thing is create a Gig and attract buyer to buy your’s.

What is Gig

It’s very confusing for beginners “What the hack is Gig!!!”

Well, It’s just a name of the service. It is most likely to a package or bundle of your service. What you’ll do and how? How long you’ll take to complete that and the price.

(Read How to create a gig)

Fiverr VS Other Marketplaces

There is some difference in fiverr then other marketplaces. On other marketplaces(Upwork, Peopleperhour) buyer publishes or posts jobs and freelancers bid on that. But in fiverr, Freelancers creates gigs with their own services and If anyone needs that service he buy the gig. And you can Request 10 buyer to buy your gig

Tip: So to be successful seller at fiverr you must create gigs with your selected service with enough details.

Why You’ll Work on Fiverr

There are some benefits and usefulness than other marketplaces.

  • Those who are new to freelancing having no feedback or review on profile Even if you’re experienced have less chance to get a job. But in Fiverr, you’ll sell your Gig only at $5(minimum price). So I think its easy for new comers to build their career online.
  • You’ll get a few job quota or credit or application to apply jobs on other marketplaces and most of them are from 15 to 25 per month. I don’t think is enough for beginners. In Fiverr a freelancer can sell his gig a unlimited time and can request 10 buyer a day to buy your Gig which means 300 application per month. And Do you think you’re so unlucky that you’ll be rejected 300 time within a month !!!
  • Basic Gig price starts from $5 which doesn’t mean you need to do a big task for just $5 .You can send 2 or more gig at a time according to the job details. From my experience I’d sold 5 Gig on the 3rd day after creating my profile on Fiverr( 😉 ).

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