how to boost my selling on fiverr

Create a perfect Gig to Boost your Sell on Fiverr

Are you looking for a job on Fiverr? Don’t rush! Take it easy.

Here we’ll learn how to create a perfect gig to boost your sell on Fiver. (If you don’t have an account you can sign up here)

Step 1-Gig Title:

This is the Headline of your Gig and what kind of service or offer you’re going to give goes here. The line starts with “I will ….. “ .

If you’re a Graphic designer you can use “I will design Eye catching awesome logo for your company.”

What is Gig title

As I am a wordpress Developer look at my Gig title “I will customize wordpress theme and will fix any WordPress error.”

If you do SEO, Backlink, Forum Posting, Facebook Like, Twitter, Business Card; your Title can be like create backlink , design your professional Business Card, give you real USA Facebook Like .

So finally your Gig will seem like “I Will give you real USA Facebook Like for $5” or “I Will design your professional Business Card for $5 ”

Try to make it more specific to your service what you’re going to do. Just compare yours with the top-selling gigs on your category. [Compare but Don’t copy]

Step 2-Select Your Category:

Select the category according to your service. Like if Your service is “Virtual assistance” Select the “BUSINESS” and after selecting you’ll have to select your subcategory which is “Virtual Assistant”.

select category on fiverr

select category on fiverr


Step 3Upload Image that Highlights your Service:

This is a power point to take attention of your buyer. Here you’ve to add minimum 1 picture and you can use up to 3 to make your Gig Gallery. Remember to upload most relevant pictures that represent your service. The images must be 550*370 (height 550 * width 370) pixels and allowed formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG up to 5 MB.


I’d Use this image while my Gig Title was wordpress customization.

Step 4-Add Description:

The Detail service or package of your gig goes here. Write down what and how you’re gonna do. What extra facility you’re giving with your Gig. Detailed Approach and skills, point of experiences can stand you out of the ground. Highlight your service, Skills and benefit. Remember a perfect description can hold a buyer to think about you and this can turn a viewer to a buyer who needs that service. You can add your description within 120 to 1200 words.

Most important thing is, it should be specific to your service. If you do a SEO, in your gig description its better to say you’ll build 20 Backlink than writing an essay on Backlinking  .

gig description

Fiverr gig description

As I am a WordPress Developer , My Title was “I will customize wordpress theme and will fix any WordPress error.”

And my Description is

 I will fix your wordpress problems related to theme and help you to customize it.

Common issues or changes like –

✓ fixing wordpress errors

✓ theme customizations

✓ fixing wordpress theme css issues

✓ custom themes

✓ Installation and setup

And also…

  • Header issues,
  • logo upload,
  • contact form create,
  • adding slider,
  • adding gallery,
  • color and font changes,
  • installing plugins,

Step 5-Gig MetaData:

Make your Gig easy to find. By defining your Gig properly it will be easier for buyers to find and buy.

Here you’ll add your Service category or additional services. Like this one .

Fiverr gig metadata

Fiverr gig metadata


Step 6- Use Tag:

This is similar to keyword Which can be searched by a buyer. Like If you’re making a gig on SEO the keywork can be like ‘SEO Service, WordPress SEO, SEO Marketing, Page Rank, Backlink’.

Using 3 tag is mandatory but can use up to 5.

use of tag fiverr

use of tag fiverr

A perfect tag relevant to your service can boost up your sell easily. Because it will make your gig discoverable easily.

Step 7- Select your Deadline:

Select your time of submission according to your Gig or service. Its important to buildup your fiverr career because if you fail to submit your task on time it will be shown on your public profile. So be careful while selecting your own deadline.

fiverr countdown clock

fiverr countdown clock

If a anyone buy your gig there will be a count down clock on on your profile. So make it relevent to your service. You can design a logo within a day but can not make a wordpress theme from sketch .

After all this click Save to be on the next page…

The next page Is PRISING your Gig.

Select the price of your gig ($5, $25, $50, $100). Add Extra services (if have).

Then click “Save and Continue”

This page is for upload Video . You may skip it without uploading one but its really very effective to use a video relevent to your gig.

Why upload vedio on fiverr

Using a video can  Boost Your sell 220% more . Look What says fiverr…

The next page is Requirement.

Fiverr Requirement

Tell your buyer what you need to get started.

Then Just publish your Gig On fiverr.

Some Tips to win jobs:

  1. Request buyer to buy your gig everyday (10requests per day)
  2. Try to stay online after sending Buyer request. Its really very much effective to get hired or sell.
  3. Response as Quickly as you can.
  4. Try to complete the task with in deadline.
  5. Discuss about the job, ask questions to the buyer.
  6. Share your Gig on social media and try to promote your gig.
  7. You may get rejected a lot of time but never lose hope . 🙂

Happy Freelancing… Best of Luck .


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